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Personalized foreign language courses with a unique teaching method and fast results

Alpha Language Center is on your team when you want to give your employees the opportunity to learn or improve their ability to communicate in a foreign language. And because we want to offer you top services, we have designed special programs that ensure one of the best learning experiences currently available in Romania.

We know that time is a limited resource that we need to optimize, so the structure of the programs is unique, allowing the participant to accumulate a large volume of information in a short period of time.

In addition, you should know that Alpha Language Center is one of the few national ECL accredited examination centers.


Why choose Alpha Language Center when you need premium language courses?

  • Our trainers are native speakers or professionals with experience in a wide range of professional fields;
  • You can benefit from an original teaching style, focused on achieving goals quickly;
  • We are flexible and customize each course so that we can quickly adapt to your needs and those of your employees;
  • We like not only to live up to your expectations, but also to exceed them in terms of competence, quality, professionalism and our experience in training;
  • We travel to your headquarters, regardless of its location, and if you want to meet us, you can quickly reach us because our headquarters is located in a central area of Bucharest.


What types of courses does Alpha Language Center offer you?

At Alpha Language Center you will find:

  • business communication courses in foreign languages;
  • training courses.

Regarding the BUSINESS COMMUNICATION IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES courses, they take place in 3 stages:

  1. Language audit - in accordance with C.E.F. (Common European Framework);
  2. Identifying key objectives for personalizing courses;
  3. Carrying out progressive and final evaluations, accompanied by detailed reports on the student's progress.

The courses are adapted taking into account the following practical aspects:

  • Flexible modules: the number of hours is set according to the beneficiary's objectives;
  • Course structure: groups of 2-12 people or individual courses;
  • Location: at the headquarters of our company or the beneficiary, regardless of the city.

Participants will have many benefits:

  • Acquiring foreign language knowledge and developing the ability to use it in communication;
  • Access to knowledge with immediate practical relevance in personal and professional life;
  • Development of practical communication skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing;
  • Active participation in simulations of social and business situations;
  • Development of a professional vocabulary and an adequate pronunciation;
  • Improving fluency and complexity in expression;
  • Increasing confidence in personal language skills.

SPECIALIZATION COURSES are addressed to people who already have an average level of knowledge in a language of international circulation but need or want to acquire or develop their vocabulary specific to the field of activity.

It is important to emphasize that, within such courses, no linguistic structures or notions of grammar of the desired foreign language will be taught. The emphasis is on scenarios from the student's professional life.

Due to the fact that, even in such cases, we want to help you face all language challenges, we offer specialization courses in a wide range of fields: negotiation, communication, accounting, financial, legal, engineering, medical, procurement, IT, oil industry, automotive industry, marketing, logistics, computers & internet, e-mailing, telephone communication, presentations. If we have omitted your specific field, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find the right solution.


What teaching method is used?

In order to have tangible results in a short time, we chose the conversational teaching method - communicative approach. It is based on conversation and real life situations. Teaching, including notions of grammar, is done in context.

And the lesson plan template is a practical one: PPP (Presentation, Production, Practice) or TTT (Task, Teach, Task).

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