About us

Our story

Alpha Language Center

We started in 2008 with a simple translation project. Working on it, we understood the importance of these services and the fact that they allow us to help people overcome communication barriers. Therefore, we set higher goals for ourselves. And we did it.

At present, we ensure successful communication through premium language services, provided by a dedicated team of project managers, linguists and trainers, who have extensive experience and can understand the technical nuances of the industries from which our clients come.

Our vision

Let's be the company that offers you the solutions you need

Imagine a world in which linguistic and cultural barriers no longer exist, people having the ability to understand each other’s messages and meanings. We started from this idea and it is the thing we do with love, every day. Thus, we consider that we can open new communication perspectives and new horizons for you. Through our services, we want to make new connections between people, but also between businesses.

Mission and Values

We respond promptly and deliver beyond expectations

Our mission is to offer you a wide and complete range of services in the linguistic field. Of course, done to the highest of standards. Your satisfaction and success are at the heart of our work philosophy. We stand by you and dedicate ourselves 100% to any language challenge you encounter. Our team members also share our common values.



We never compromise on quality. Period. It is something that defines us because we aim to bring the added value that you are looking for and expect, every time.



In order to have exceptional results, we work with the best specialists in their field. This allows us to translate catalogs or instruction manuals, with specialized industry language, without errors. A professional is constantly involved in his personal and professional development so that he can constantly rise to the highest standards. Therefore, your project is in good hands.



We are creative and we like to find the best solutions to the language challenges you face. We adapt the language so that it is understood by the audience, without changing its meaning. In addition, not even the most difficult sketches, designs or procedure manuals can mess with us!



We are flexible and always adaptable to your requirements. That's why we are at your disposal 24/7, responding quickly to your requirements and always trying to meet the deadlines you want or to identify the right solution for the budget you want to allocate.

Carta Diversităţii

Am aderat la Carta Diversităţii

We at Alpha Language Center put people first. Diversity is part of life. We work with and for people. We rejoice with them, we laugh, we make our lives more beautiful together. Trainings, translations, interpreting, all are done for the people around us, the ones we work with. We are all equal, no one is treated differently, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

It's an honor for us to join the Romanian Diversity Charter. This way, we publicly support and protect organizational diversity. Best practices represent an integral part of our business model and organizational culture.

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