Giving is the best form of receiving!

The training program at the Complex for Recreational Activities and Education "St. Pantelimon”

We choose to be constantly involved in social responsibility projects. We strongly believe that our achievements are also supported by the value we manage to give back to society. Our future is in the hands of children, and they should not be deprived of the opportunity for improvement. The more beautifully they evolve, the brighter the future will be. And communication barriers should not exist.

From these principles, we started the Training Program at the Complex for Recreational Activities and Education "St. Pantelimon”. We were happy to whet the appetite for foreign languages for disadvantaged children and young people and to give them the confidence and certainty that they too can succeed if they want to.

Giving is the best form of receiving!

Programul de Instruire de la Grupul Școlar „Iordache Zossima”, Armășești

Another project we are proud of is the Training Program from the “Iordache Zossim” School Group, Armășești. Within it, the Alpha Language Center team prepared 80 children to represent Romania in the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility project in Lisbon.

However, it is not the only European-funded project in which Alpha Language Center has participated, both on its own and in partnership with other economic organizations.

Giving is the best form of receiving!

Magic Camp

The partnership with Magic Camp is difficult to describe in words. We got involved as volunteers, intending to give children the chance to increase their self-confidence, but also to offer support for them to learn faster and easier between hospital visits. However, we were the ones receiving the lessons. We discovered a different kind of communication, the non-verbal one, which does not required any translation. It is enough to have an open soul and you will understand it.

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