ECL certification

ECL certification

ECL Accredited Training and Testing Center - international recognition of your language skills

Alpha Language Center differs from other profile centers in that it is an Accredited ECL Training and Testing Center (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attention in Modern Languages) for English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.


What is the ECL examination system?

This is an open system for any age category. Through it, the ability of oral and written communication and the use of language in everyday communication are tested based on practical topics, business language and general use with different degrees of complexity.


Why is it helpful to take an ECL exam?

The ECL exam benefits from international recognition, attesting to the knowledge of foreign languages required to carry out studies, research or to obtain a job in a foreign country, European or otherwise.

The ECL certificate is assimilated with a language passport, which validates, at international level, the results obtained in learning languages and different linguistic and intercultural experiences.

The ECL exam is also useful for high school students because it has been included in the list of international language exams accepted in the Baccalaureate exam. Thus, students who pass ECL examinations for the certification of language skills in English during pre-university education have the right to the recognition and equivalence of the results obtained in the language proficiency assessment test in an international language on request.

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